Enterprise Solutions Using Unity

Build Robust Mobile Enterprise Business Content & Native Mobile Applications with Unity


Cutting Edge Mobile Development

As businesses struggle in every industry to roll out mobile applications to their customers, Unity is often overlooked as a powerful solution to building applications that extended beyond the desktop.  The truth is, Unity is one of the best cross-platform application builders hands down.  Most mobile frameworks are archaic, complex, and have many limitations. Unity's powerful editor, expansive app-store, and vast community provide you a cross-platform solution with few if any limitations except the creativity of your design team.

 UNITY: A Cutting Edge, Optimized, Mobile Business Platform

In 2014, Greg moss released the first Enterprise Development Toolkit for Unity.  Since then, Greg has helped hundreds of companies discover the best solutions for delivering cutting edge services to their customers.

Now Greg has re-written the entire toolkit from the ground up to use JSON along with a comprehensive new event model that makes building mobile enterprise applications in Odoo even easier.  

The Odoo Mobile Toolkit is now available in BETA with FULL SOURCE CODE as part of my Mastering Odoo Development course.

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