Learn Godot Making a Fun Pirate Trading Game

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    The fun way to learn Godot and essential Design Patterns for game development

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    This was designed to be a fast based course.  Instead of bumping up the hours of the course, this course is designed to get you into advanced topics quickly. We start out with very beginning topics so even a new programmer can use this course, but we waste no time getting into advanced Godot topics.   I'm aware that many students search for courses with lots of hours in the hopes of equating it to more material. You will often find those courses will spend exhaustive time on basics and editor tools that are available in the community or on YouTube. 


    While we begin with simple programming concepts the course continually refactors and improves the game architecture as new functionality is added. Learn how to create a sophisticated game architecture that involves products, cities, prices that can change by city, buying/selling, and of course a prototype of a pirate battle. Learn to use signals decouple objects and refine your game design.


    This course follows the process you would use in real world iterative game design. We build simple prototypes that we can get up and running quickly. Then as we better define our gameplay we refactor and implement improved game architecture so we can add more features. The result is a course that will help you with any game you wish to build out.  Finding the right balance between rapid progress and prototyping and creating a solid game architecture you can build on is a key to successful game design.


    There are a lot of great courses on here but long 30 hour courses are not for everyone. Instead of lectures that spend a lot of time in theory,  explaining the course itself, or exhaustively covering basic features you will find in other courses... this course just jumps in and starts building a fun Pirate Trading Game like Taipan. We start with very simple features like variables, creating functions, and using basic signals. But we quickly move right into the meat & potatoes of what it takes to make a solid game architecture.

    LEARN TO SEPARATE YOUR DATA OBJECTS FROM USER INTERFACE - And when it may not be worth the time

    This course takes a practical approach to building game prototypes. That said, there is a time when you must refine your game architecture and work to improve the design patterns you are using to build up your game. In this course we learn how to use signals, static methods, and dependency injection techniques to encapsulate your data making it easier to create far more robust game architectures. We also explore when it useful to break some of the rules in the interest of brevity and creating a working prototype.

    This course teaches you the skills you need so you can build games in a way that suits your own development style.


    My other Godot course, Idle Business Tycoon course has a bit more simple game design and is likely more suitable to absolute beginners.

    See the power of Godot first hand

    You will see quickly why so many game developers are looking to Godot for their indie game projects.  We create the project, the scene and begin scripting in the very first lecture! By the second lecture we are using lists to manage our cities. By the third lecture we are already using objects and building up a complex game architecture. 

    The engine is particularly well suited for games that are interface intensive. There are many user controls and they are very easy to script.

    If you have ever wanted to learn Godot and enjoy pirate trading games like Taipan you are in luck. This course walks you through the design of making a Pirate Trading Game prototype from scratch. Step-by-Step.  

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