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Limited Time Offer


  • NeuroMage is in the process of re-design to incorporate exciting new VR technology putting you in the heat of the battle
  • Support for HTC VIVE is planned and have a kit on the way to begin testing in the next few weeks
  • Learn Spells using only your mind and the Neurosky MindWave Mobile.
  • Multiplayer enabled! Have exciting battles over the Internet where you compete against other players and their ability to control their brain waves.
  • Get in early while still in development. We are adding many features and, while the game is already playable, the best is yet to come. Please help us make this the best game possible!

Updated NeuroMage VR release for August, 2016 EARLY ACCESS

PC Version early access price $20  (Regular price: $30)

We believe the game will be fun for most players from day one.  However during early access, some people may encounter bugs or may be unable to play the game. Our team will work with you to solve these problems. We are grateful for your feedback which helps us create a better game. 

August, 2016 - VR RELEASE

REQUIRES the NeuoSky Mobile MindWave

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