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NeuroMage - Learn spells using only your mind!

NeuroMage -  Moving to VR Experience

First Class Game Studios presents NeuroMage, a game that combines exciting spell-casting duels, gorgeous imagery, and cutting-edge biosensor technology. Using NeuroSky's Mindwave - a research-grade wireless EEG headset - you'll learn to harness the power of your own mind to build an arsenal of powerful spells and defeat your opponent.  

Given the slow adoption of EEG interfaces and Neurogaming in general we have updated our development schedule to incorporate VR that can be played with or without an EEG headset!

While we have been very excited about the enthusiasm of NeuroMage and its superb integration with the NeuroSky, Wild Divine, and Muse hardware we feel that VR is where the current energy is at.